BRIDAL: A guide to choosing your bridal fragrance

When you’re getting married, it’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics and the overall ‘look’ of your wedding. However, while pictures last, your memory of the day is more important. And there’s one more sense that’s just as paramount as what you can see…it’s what you can smell. Have you ever had a […]

ACADEMY: What to Look Out for When Looking for an HMUA Training Course

If you’re at the beginning of your hair and makeup artist career, it is so worthwhile to get a helping hand and a nudge in the right direction. An MUA training course is a great investment into your future career and will give your new clients complete confidence in you to do a fantastic job.  […]

BRIDAL: 5 Trends Asian Brides Will Love In 2022

It’s almost time for a new year, and with the last couple being full of uncertainties and restrictions, everyone is hoping for a fresh start and a bright future for this one. The new year marks the beginning of a whole 365 days of new trends, and I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground […]

ACADEMY: Why you need to take a professional HMUA course before going it alone

So, you’ve loved makeup for years, you’ve got a full professional set, you are THE go-to hair girl on nights out with your friends and you’ve done makeup for someone’s special event more than once. You’re ready to make this a career! A question you might find yourself asking is…is a HMUA course even worth […]

Displays From A good Falled Marriage

The blinking lighting and appliances and exciting jingles in casinos might encourage risky decision-making and potentially promote problem gambling behaviour, hints new research from the University of English Columbia.