ACADEMY: The BEST way to ask your clients for a testimonial

When people buy a product or service, especially in this day and age, it’s likely they don’t buy it straight off the bat. No, it’s likely they look up several reviews – or testimonials – online to check out they’re putting their money in the right place. You’ve probably been swayed by reviews yourself, being […]

BRIDAL: How to get the ULTIMATE bridal lit-from-within glow

When you’re getting married, you want to look your absolute best. Whether it’s a natural or more glamorous look, there’s one thing most brides and we makeup artists agree on…it’s the beautiful ‘lit from within’ glow that you absolutely want to achieve on your special day! There are so many ways to achieve this. Mostly, […]

BRIDAL: Why your hair and makeup and photography are the MOST important suppliers

Wedding hair and makeup is just a bit of hairspray, pins and some extra setting powder, right? Why the expense? Surely it should be much cheaper? Actually, this common attitude towards true wedding hair and makeup artistry is completely misguided! Could you trust someone you have paid a low amount to make sure your makeup […]

BRIDAL: Why is bridal makeup more expensive than party makeup?

If you’re getting married and are starting to book things, you may have noticed that as soon as you mention the ‘W’ word, prices seem to jump sky high! I understand it can be frustrating in that you feel like you may be getting the ‘same’ service or products as a special occasion party, so […]

ACADEMY: 5 tricks to make your hair and makeup business unique

The professional makeup industry can be intimidating and competitive, especially with the rise of makeup artists on social media. Make sure you stand out with a makeup artistry portfolio that highlights your unique skill set and approach to beauty, giving you the boost you need to grow your career successfully. So where do you even […]

BRIDAL: 5 bridal jewellery trends inspired by Bollywood films

With wedding season coming up, let’s check out the latest in jewellery trends! Whether it is setting a completely new trend or re-inventing the past, movies are the common denominator in how trends begin and evolve. For Asian weddings, bridal fashion are hugely influenced by Bollywood, due to the beautiful actresses wearing stunning pieces. Like […]

ACADEMY: Creating your professional portfolio as a new makeup artist

When you apply for a job, you’ll need to provide a CV. This piece of paper outlines everything about you: who you are, what you’d like to do and most importantly, the experience you have. As a makeup and hair artist, your professional portfolio is the first place your potential clients will look to see […]

BRIDAL: 5 best Instagram accounts for Asian bridal wedding inspiration

It’s likely you know what you want for your wedding day. You can see it in your mind clearly…or can you? There’s no harm in looking at what’s gone before, if only to get a little inspiration for your own day. You can take pieces of what you love and create a whole new wedding […]

ACADEMY: 4 benefits of being your own boss

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge into working for yourself – that’s great! While it’s amazing to take that first step, the road to solo working can be fraught with a little bit of worry and self-doubt. Sometimes, it can be enough to put someone off working for themselves altogether!  There’s so much fulfillment […]