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BRIDAL: What’s the Difference Between a Bridal Service and a Luxury Bridal Experience?

When you first get engaged, it’s usually full-steam ahead. You’re excited to get into the preparation of your big day, which is totally understandable. Some brides have a sense of panic around booking wedding suppliers, knowing that, especially around peak times, the best of the best will likely be booked up quickly.

I want you to know that it’s so, SO important to shop around for your bridal hair and makeup artist properly! Across the industry, there is such a HUGE sliding scale of not just artistry, but of the overall experience you will achieve for your big day. It’s likely you will be able to find a bridal hair and makeup artist fairly easily, and once you’ve got a date locked in you may feel a sense of relief. But have you considered what they are really offering? Are you going to be over the moon with your chosen look? Many brides don’t know this – but there’s a massive difference between hiring someone for a bridal service versus hiring someone for full bridal experience.

It’s easy for someone to attend your wedding and apply your makeup and then leave again – but these memories (and photos!) will be forever. I’ve heard so many sad stories from brides of how once the wedding was over, the bride felt like the makeup she had done didn’t actually reflect her personality. Her makeup artist just did what she “thought” was right for the bride, based on her own skills and way of thinking. To my mind, it’s almost as if the bride has had her wedding look forced upon her, and ended up going through with it because of time constraints and not having another option. To me, this is unacceptable!

A luxury bridal experience (vs a simple in-and-out service) is intentionally created to align with the true vision of the bride, while also creating an experience that they will remember for years to come. As your bridal makeup artist, it is my goal to offer you support as you go through your bridal beauty planning. I ensure we have a detailed bridal hair and makeup consultation and trial of your ideal look. This process will give us the opportunity to work together before your big day, and by the time the trial is done, we will know exactly how you will look for the most important day of your life – and it’s completely your choice.

If you and I are going to be a team, my promise to you is that from our first consultation you will be stress-free, knowing that I will create the flawless look you’ve always dreamed of. Most importantly, a bridal look that you will feel comfortable with.

If we decide to embark on this journey, I will be your new found wedding confidante who won’t just show up to apply your makeup on the day, but who will guide you on this newly-trodden path. I will not settle for anything short of perfection, because if there is one day where you are supposed to look perfect, it’s this one. So, in short – when researching your MUA, make sure you’re getting the full package.

Did you know there was a difference between bridal service and a bridal experience? Get in touch today to see how special I can make your big day. 

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