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"I still can’t stop looking at my wedding photography, the attention to detail with my hair and makeup was incomparable to anything I had ever seen - Bina"

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Hello. I am Manisha Champaneri and I specialise in Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup.
There are only a handful of moments in life which you experience once and never again. Those moments that we remember forever. Your wedding day will certainly be one of those things which make the list of your everlasting memories. It will be the day you'll be marrying the love of your life, your partner and it is going to be one of those days that feel like they belong to you. And since that's the case, it deserves to be perfect.

However there's a lot that goes into making one of those wedding days that you and all the attendees will remember forever. Choosing the dates, exploring the ceremony and reception venues, finding the right planner, photographer, videographer, caterer, florist and musicians. Then the guest list, the seating arrangement, the wedding gown, the transportation, cakes, tasting and everything else in between.
This is already a lot to think about but the big thing that often gets overlooked and rarely finds a spot on this list is the beauty of the most important woman on that day - you.

Many times I've heard sad stories of how once the wedding is over, the bride felt like her makeup didn't reflect her personality and the makeup artist just did what she "thought" was right. It's almost as if the bride had her wedding look forced upon her but went through with it because it was too late and there was no other option. To me this is unacceptable!
If you and I are going to be a team, my promise to you is that from our first consultation you will be stress free knowing that I will create the flawless look you've always dreamed of. A look which you will feel comfortable with.

Once the time comes to walk down the aisle, you will be excited, barely being able to wait any longer because you will know that once all eyes are on you, your wedding look will set a new standard. Imagine walking down towards your soon to be husband, meanwhile all women in the audience wishing they could have that glow and men thinking how lucky your future husband is. And once the ceremony is over, the reception will feel like cherry on top from getting showered with all the compliments.
If we decide to embark on this journey, I will be your new found wedding confidante who will guide you on this path and will not settle for anything short of perfection because if there is one day where you are supposed to look perfect, it is your wedding and I will make sure that you do.

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