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ACADEMY: Creating your professional portfolio as a new makeup artist

When you apply for a job, you’ll need to provide a CV. This piece of paper outlines everything about you: who you are, what you’d like to do and most importantly, the experience you have. As a makeup and hair artist, your professional portfolio is the first place your potential clients will look to see if you’re the artist for them. Without one, they’re going in blind and will have absolutely NO idea what to expect!

First things first, what is a portfolio? A makeup artist portfolio is simply a collection of photographs that display an MUAs best work. These images can be used by the MUA to market themselves and to share with potential clients to get more work. The photos focus on the makeup style of the artist, usually with a collection of close up shots, or before and afters. The photos might be ones you’ve taken yourself, or ones from a client’s wedding that you’ve been able to share with permission, for example. 

So WHY is it so important to have a portfolio?


First and foremost, it’s proof that you are who you say you are and can do what you say you can do! If you can share amazing images of your work, potential clients will be so much more likely to book you.


Having a professional portfolio will allow you to show off a certain style. If, say, you specialise in natural bridal makeup, you can showcase this and create a whole portfolio around this style. If you’ve got your fingers in many pies, you can create different portfolios for the client you’re trying to attract.


This is only YOUR professional portfolio, and only you control what goes into it. That means that you have better control over what potential clients see and what they don’t, but you also have control over which direction your career goes in. If you’re wanting to do more bridal work but mainly do a lot of party makeup, create your portfolio around just the bridal side to attract more lovely brides!

You might be asking now, how do I build an amazing portfolio?

The answer comes in simple practice. You can only take photographs to add to the portfolio if you’re doing the work. A Way to do this, if you’re just starting out, is to use willing volunteers – ask your family and friends to be your model and take the photographs yourself. If you’re wanting something a little more professional, you can hire a photographer and a model to really get a good base for your professional portfolio. Of course, if you’re already being booked, just remember to take pictures of your handiwork!

There’s so much more that goes into a professional portfolio than what I’ve shared today, so for more in-depth help with getting to grips with becoming a brand new hair and makeup artist professionally, get in touch today!

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