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ACADEMY: The BEST way to ask your clients for a testimonial

When people buy a product or service, especially in this day and age, it’s likely they don’t buy it straight off the bat. No, it’s likely they look up several reviews – or testimonials – online to check out they’re putting their money in the right place.

You’ve probably been swayed by reviews yourself, being turned off a purchase if there’s a bad testimonial or worse, no information at all! The same has to be said for bridal hair and makeup artists. You can have the best website going, and all the best products ready to go, but if no one is talking about you and bigging you up, how can you expect to grow?

There is so much power in a testimonial. Word of mouth is the way things became popular in the years before social media, and it’s still a great way to land new clients today. Real feedback, from real brides and other customers can encourage new clients to take up your services, buoyed up as they will be from the positive things that others have to say about you.

You can share your testimonials anywhere – as post reviews on Instagram, as a Google review, or even a section on your website. 

The question is, how do you ask for them?

Just do it. I know,  it can be scary to ask for feedback but whether “good” or “bad”, each piece of feedback from each and every client will help YOU in your journey to becoming a better hair and makeup artist.

Once your hair and makeup services are completed, ask your client to send over a couple of lines for you to use on your website or social media. Of course, ask permission to share this. In most cases, clients will be so excited to share feedback, especially if they’ve had a really great experience. 

Importantly, ask SOON after the bridal service. It’s best to ask while the experience is still fresh in someone’s mind, rather than waiting weeks.

To find out more and learn some really valuable tips for your hair and makeup business, check out my training page here.

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