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BRIDAL: 5 bridal jewellery trends inspired by Bollywood films

With wedding season coming up, let’s check out the latest in jewellery trends! Whether it is setting a completely new trend or re-inventing the past, movies are the common denominator in how trends begin and evolve. For Asian weddings, bridal fashion are hugely influenced by Bollywood, due to the beautiful actresses wearing stunning pieces. Like it or not, we’re all influenced by celebrity trends in some way and Bollywood is no different.

I looked at the most up-and-coming trends, some new and some traditional that we’re seeing for modern brides in 2022.

Trendy, elegant pieces with precious stones

We’re seeing more and more elegant pieces with precious stones instead of traditional gold, such as ruby and jade. These stones can really add something extra to an outfit and they come across so beautifully on-screen, so why not a real-life bride?

Gold keeps its sparkle

Can you ever go wrong with some amazing gold pieces? Gold is the staple of the Asian bride and it’s not going away anytime soon. Change things up with some mixed metal for a modern look, or stick with a traditional gold – it’s the look of a classic bride.

Lighter, ornate and classic pieces

If there’s a piece used in a Bollywood film, it’s there to be admired and looked at. The same goes for real life. Create a work of art with your jewellery by using light, intricate pieces that draw the eye and start conversations.

Choker crazy

A layered choker is a real statement piece and something that you can see in many Bollywood films. It’s something to be worn on its own or with lighter, smaller pieces so that it’s the focal point – but you can career it off, I’m sure!

Statement earrings

Great for a bridal up-do, statement earrings draw the eye to the makeup and hair on screen and the same can be said for a bride in real life. Use ornate gold and precious stones to make a luxe splash at your wedding.

Which Bollywood bridal jewellery trend is your favourite?

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