Manisha Champaneri Luxury Bridal Hairstylist & Makeup Artist in Leicester


for creating a profitable business for new inspiring hair and makeup artists

Our professional courses for inspiring hair and makeup artists is the only courses of its kind that not only teaches you the skills step by step but also guides you to exactly how to create a profitable business like a pro

You can do all this and more when you join one of our thorough and educational courses.

It’s no longer enough to sit at home and wonder ‘what if’. Every day, time passes - do you want to look back and wish you’d acted on your ‘what if’? Take a huge step forward today and join us as you embark on using your already existing potential to become an industry-leading hair and makeup artist.

It’s no secret that the makeup and hair industry is pretty saturated. So, why not train with the best, to BE the best? We don’t just teach the same course over and over. Every day, we seek to evolve our own techniques and continue building on what we know already works - for us, for our existing students…and for you.

Just take a look at what our previous students have had to say about our courses. We want you to feel just as satisfied and be enjoying the GROWTH in your own skills and business that we guarantee you will see.

No matter your current skill set or knowledge, you’ll leave us with a thorough, high standard of information and the highest standards of application - you really will be working with the best.

We know that the makeup and hair world is FOREVER changing. That’s why we listen to what our students WANT to learn - we’re here for you. Our one and only aim is to boost you higher, to bring out the best in YOU and have you leave us, feeling confident that you can be the best in your field.

You can start from scratch - you do not need to bring anything with you, as we provide the products, brushes and even models within your investment. You will learn new technical skills, while also honing your own signature style. Finally, you’ll be in an environment which gives you the space to grow, expand, thrive - and learn how to take those newly learned skills and apply them to your business.

With a choice between our GTi, VTCT or ARTICULATE courses, we can help you to find the perfect one to start living the dream you’ve been thinking about (but not acting on) for months - maybe years!

It’s time to change your life with Manisha Champaneri Training Academy… the first step to the rest of your life.

We Offer Two Types Of Industry Recognised Certification


Gti Course

One2one option

Group learning option – Up to 6 Students


VTCT Course