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About VTCT

Welcome to our brand-new Level 3 VTCT Qualification. Here at the academy, we don’t do anything by halves, we are constantly striving to give our students the best in makeup training and product knowledge, by no means is this course any different. We want to go above and beyond for all of our students, and we aim to equip you with all of the skills you need to leave the Academy at the end of your course and pursue a successful makeup career.

This qualification will run one day a week for 21 weeks, 1 week of induction and 20 weeks of VTCT. This is an intense, fast track diploma course that requires your dedication, commitment and motivation. We recommend booking onto this diverse make-up course with the intention of attending each week, having enough time at home to practice and catch up. We will only recommend booking onto this course if you have no holidays booked, work commitments or a hectic home life, believe me we are not trying to scare you nor put you off booking, however, it is a reality that this course requires the utmost dedication.

We have a flexible approach to accommodating our students to ensure we exceed your expectations at every opportunity. You can choose a preference of which day is best suited for you, Monday- Friday, however 20 weeks for us just wasn’t enough… Unlike your usual colleges we have the freedom of being privately run so although we have to meet all the very specific criteria of our awarding body VTCT we also want to bring this training experience into the 21st century for you guys, this means every tiny little aspect of the course will have a slight twist. We want to push your makeup artistry to the next level.

Why complete a VTCT level 3 qualification in Make-Up Artistry?

A VTCT Level 3 Qualification in Make-Up Artistry is an accredited industry recognised diploma giving you a professional artist title. A qualification will set you apart from the crowd, proving to potential employers you are competent in this area of expertise but also determined and dedicated in your ability to successfully work towards and complete a qualification. After successful completion of this course, it will then allow you to gain professional insurance covering you legally in your future career. Once you have both a qualification and insurance this then allows you the opportunity to pursue the wonderful world of pro discounts, allowing you up to 40% off on such world-renowned brands such as MAC and NARS.

How much is it?

This course is a total of £5000 and can be paid and purchased in a number of ways.

Option 1: Self-Funded – This means you will be funding/paying for the course yourself via your own means. (savings, monthly from your wage)

Here you also have an Option 1 a) and b)

Option 1a) Pay a deposit of £500.00 over the phone to secure your place then pay the course off on 1 large lump sum of £4500.00 on your first day.

Option 1b) Pay a deposit of £500.00 over the phone to secure your place – (This can be paid in smaller instalments as long as it is all paid by the first day you start the course) THEN pay off the remaining sum of £4500.00 in weekly payments of £225.00 or monthly payments of £900.00.

Option 2: Financial Plan: Pay a deposit of £500.00 over the phone to secure your place – Apply for our Financial plan option, once approved, you can pay back the loan over a period of 6 – 24 months based on your circumstances. This will be a loan for the amount of £4500.00.

What will I be learning?

You will be covering everything you need to pass the qualification plus much more; including things such as;

  • Skin types/skin tones and different eye shapes
  • Natural Glam
  • Brows and Blending
  • Day makeup / evening makeup
  • Bridal and Prom makeup
  • Product Promotion for counter work
  • Mendhi and Body Art
  • Airbrush Make-up
  • Business Seminar
  • Heavy Glam
  • How to Teach
  • Fashion Make-up
  • A Period in time Make-up
  • Camouflage Make-up
  • Casualty and Prosthetic Make-up

One thing our senior artists would like to make you aware of is that we must follow strict guidelines in accordance with the VTCT examination criteria. We have added tailored looks within this course; however, majority of the course will be focusing around being an all rounded MUA. Instagram makeup that we pride ourselves on, after all majority MUAs have built their whole career based on social media appeal, is only one area of the makeup field. It is so important to us as mentors that you leave our academy being able to achieve Instagram makeup, fashion and editorial makeup and feel confident in all areas of the trade. We want our students to be able to succeed, strive and excel in all aspects of makeup artistry and feel confident no matter what client sits within your chair.

When does it start?

For enrolment, please contact the academy directly to discuss availability and time frames. To confirm start dates please call the academy on 07773395854. Each session will run 10am-5pm with a one-hour dinner break in- between.

**Next Course will start from September 2021 – Only 6 spaces available**

What happens next?

After you have applied for VTCT Level 3, you will be sent an email of confirmation that we have received your application. Once your application has been reviewed you will be invited to attend an interview here at the Academy. If you are successful, you will then be able to choose a start date that suits you.

Do I need to bring my own brushes?

Yes. Having the correct tools is crucial when starting out in makeup, after all, how are you supposed to practice and begin accepting clients without the essentials. You will be given a list of brush recommendation focusing on both high-end and affordable brushes after registration.

Do I need to bring my own model?

Yes. Here at the academy, we are unable to allocate models, although we are extremely supportive of you guys and ensuring your course runs smooth, it’s crucial you take responsibility of sourcing models accordingly to the schedule. If you are struggling for models, please use our online social media platforms to advertise for a model. The reason we don’t commit to sourcing models is due to the responsibility then being down to us if your model was not to show up.

How do I apply?

To apply for this course, fill in our application form below;

Apply for VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Makeup Artistry

Please fill in all the appropriate fields where possible. In order to apply for one of our courses, you must meet the following criteria:

  • 19 or Over on application.
  • Not in full-time education.

Should you wish to make use of the loan scheme, please contact us directly on 07773395854, where we will be happy to discuss the different payment options available.