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Attention Aspiring Makeup Artist!

Become a Professional Makeup Artist and Build Your Portfolio with Experts

Discover how you can develop your makeup skills and turn them into a profitable business with proven strategies…

(… even if you have zero experience or knowledge about makeup)

When was the last time...

you caught yourself daydreaming about becoming a professional makeup artist…?

And your friend poured all the impossibilities on you about how it’s saturated and not many people end up becoming a good makeup artist…with a handsome income.


Run away from that friend, because what I am about to share with you will change your mind about becoming a professional MUA.


The makeup industry is saturated, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into it.

If you are exceptional in your art, then there’s nothing that can stop you from living that life where you wake up every day to do your favorite thing.

But here’s the catch…

You can’t master this art completely by watching YouTube tutorials…whaaat?!

Yes, because they are usually doing makeup on young people. 

People who don’t have hooded eyes, wrinkled skin, or light eyebrows.

As a makeup artist, you would be working with people of different skin types. 

Not just that but learning from such videos is equal to “re-creating” a look…and as an aspiring makeup artist, you need to create something on your own.

And I get it…

You must have tried different makeup schools but most of them end up teaching you just basics and not beauty makeup techniques.

Even after all this, you still get confused as to which lipstick you should wear, how much foundation you should apply, and…

Struggle with applying the eyeliner perfectly even in one go on both eyes.

Plus, let’s not get started with how you don’t get to learn the business side of the art let alone build a portfolio.

No wonder why so many artists struggle to get a job. Just like them, you don’t have any experience working on the set…

And if you don’t work on set, how are you going to build the portfolio?

*Argh! I hate this experience and portfolio loop! *

Besides, if you do get a client then you get stuck in an endless cycle of mind-numbing problems…

How are you going to negotiate a contract, what questions do you need to ask, how do you create a look that wins your client’s heart…

And the list goes on and on. 

But what if I tell you that you don’t need to sort anything yourself.

How great would it be if you can work alongside a professional makeup artist and learn from them to become a pro MUA and build your profitable business?

Introducing: Makeup School of Fame - Elevator Course Which Takes Your Makeup Skills From Makeup Basic To Makeup Elite

A much-needed, comprehensive makeup course by the expert makeup artist, Manisha Champaneri.

It’s a 52 weeks course held at the academy in Leicester.

With this course, I am empowering aspiring makeup artists to become a master of their skills and build a successful business.

After working with 700 plus brides and 2000 plus non-brides, I am finally revealing all my secrets and strategies that accelerated my journey of becoming a professional makeup artist and turning my passion into profits.

Here is what you’ll get inside this course…

Learn how to do makeup step-by-step 

✔ Unlock the secret behind creating 60 makeup looks like wearable, technical, special SFX, and much more…

✔ Polish your skills by practicing on makeup models 

✔ Access detailed manual and product knowledge

✔ Steal less-known techniques that work like a charm

✔ Unravel the proven business strategies (1 day a month)

✔ Get a full makeup kit worth £1000

✔ Earn credibility as an artist with our internationally recognized certificate

✔ And a lot more…

Here’s How This Course Will Change Your MUA Career Forever…

Never again burn your money on makeup schools that give you incomplete knowledge

✔  Get absolute clarity on makeup basics and advanced strategies

✔  Impress your clients with your creativity and turn them into raving fans

✔  Skip spending neck-breaking hours watching countless YouTube videos and reading blogs like a nerd

✔  Turn your passion into profit with battle-tested business strategies

✔  No more spending sleepless nights worrying about building your portfolio

✔  And much more…

The cherry on top?

You also get to work as a pro-assistant on a magazine shoot to get insight into the practical side of your career.

Isn’t that incredible?

Now, let’s address the wandering skepticism in your mind which is…


It’s no secret that there are tens of courses on makeup out there. So, why should you choose me over them?

I respect and appreciate this question.

Sure you wouldn’t want to invest your time learning from someone who has just the basic knowledge about makeup.

Well, that’s exactly where I have an edge.

In this detailed course, I am pouring in all the golden nuggets and practical strategies I bagged in 15 years of my life working as a professional…

Starting from being head hunted to work for a leading makeup brand to winning national competitions and awards.

Yes, I was an award-winning bridal hair and makeup artist for 3 consecutive years. 

Not just that, but I have worked with MAC Cosmetics and was one of the ten makeup artists in the UK who were recognized as an Asian Bridal Specialist by them


Being an expert makeup artist who’s fully booked, I want to make sure that I am investing my time in the right people.

So, make sure to check one of the boxes to see if you’re eligible for this course or not.

This course is for you if…

You’re passionate about learning makeup

✔ You aren’t looking for shortcuts

✔ You will follow the advice religiously

This course is NOT for you if…

Χ You aren’t sure about becoming a makeup artist

Χ You don’t want to invest your time

Χ You are unwilling to practice every day

So, if you are eligible for the course, then you have two options…

Option A

You skip straining your eyes watching endless tutorials and reading blogs that leave you more confused than ever…

And join this course to learn from the expert. Get practical knowledge and experience life behind the scenes. In other words, get everything on a silver platter and build a portfolio that attracts clients.

Option B

You keep on wandering around on the internet reading blogs and watching videos with scattered information…figuring out the starting point. 

You keep burning your hard-earned money on different courses for makeup and business, struggle to find clients, and build your portfolio.

If you choose option A, then…



You wake up every day, but instead of wishing and hoping, you’re getting ready to glam up your client.

You feel confident as an artist that can pull off anything to impress prospects.

Your clients are satisfied and can’t stop praising your work…

And your business is growing stronger day by day.

The best part?

All that is just a click away.

So, would you be against becoming a pro MUA?

No, right?

Now, click the link that says: “yes, I want to become a successful makeup artist!”

Get started now!