Manisha Champaneri Luxury Bridal Hairstylist & Makeup Artist in Leicester

Attention Aspiring Makeup Artist!

VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Makeup Artistry

**First Private School in Leicestershire to deliver a governed recognised qualification**

Become A Certified Makeup Artist In Just 6 Months

Cut your journey short and leverage expert techniques to build a successful makeup career…
(… even if you have zero experience or knowledge about makeup)

Does this sound familiar…?

After spending neck-breaking hours and weeks you finally decided to start your makeup business or pursue your career…with shaking confidence.

You apply for jobs at different places but they always choose the one with the certificate.

Not just that, but even clients prefer the one who had a recognized certificate.

And even when you landed a job…

You were expected to create various makeup looks that YouTube didn’t teach you.

*a big turn off*

Here’s the thing…

The problem with being a self-taught makeup artist is that you don’t have any credibility…and thus, clients are scared to trust you.

Plus, YouTube tutorials can only teach you so much.

That’s why learning from a recognized school is so key.

And I get it…

You don’t want to spend 2 years doing a diploma that teaches you things with the speed of a turtle.

But what if I tell you that you don’t have to wait for this long?

What if I tell you that you can become a credible, professional makeup artist in just 6 months?

Introducing: VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Makeup Artistry

A much-needed comprehensive, VTCT approved makeup artistry diploma by expert makeup artist Manisha Champaneri, empowering MUAs to pursue their dream lives.

In this 6 months journey, you will get access to all the knowledge, strategies, and hands-on experience to become a master of your field.


Get in-depth knowledge of different skin types

✔ Master different makeup looks such as heavy glam, airbrush make-up, and others

✔ Unravel the difference between day makeup and evening makeup

✔ Steal the techniques of promoting a product (for counter work)

✔ Unlock proven strategies that will skyrocket your business

✔ And a lot more…

Here’s How This Course Will Give You an Edge Over Other Artists…

Build your credibility as a professional artist and attract clients

✔ Gain professional insurance for your career

✔ Access pro discounts on renowned brands like MAC and NARS (up to 40%)

✔ Unlock highly-profitable gigs that only professionals can get

You see how learning from professionals opens doors for you to become a highly sought-after makeup artist.

Now let’s address the lurking doubt in your mind which is…

Why Should You Choose This Course?

It’s no secret that there are tons of courses out there so why should you choose this one above every other course.

That’s a great question.

Sure you wouldn’t want to end up wasting your money learning only superficial stuff.

That’s exactly where I have an edge.

This course is VTCT approved and…

I am pouring in all the golden nuggets and practical strategies I bagged in 14 years of my life working as a professional…

Starting from working on a makeup counter to winning national competitions.


This course is fast-paced and I only want to work with people who are dedicated to mastering this craft.

So, make sure to check one of the boxes to see if you’re eligible for this course or not.

This course is for you if…

You are dedicated to giving a good chunk of your time to the training

✔  You will practice every day

✔  You will follow the advice religiously

This course is NOT for you if…

Χ You’re under 19

Χ You’re into full-time education

Χ You aren’t serious about your career

And now the pricing…?

You must be wondering if this course is VTCT approved and is power-packed with actionable knowledge then I must be charging a fortune for it.

And that’s true…

The course is valued at £5000.

Wondering if it’s a lot?

Well, if you learn everything on your own then it’s going to cost you even more than this.

Hear me out…

Let’s say spending one-hour learning from YouTube equals £100.

And it’s going to take you around a year or more to learn this on your own which equals £2,400/day and £876,000/year.

So, would you like to become a pro-MUA by investing £5000 or £876,000?

Of course, £5000 is an incredible option.

Plus, you will be accredited as a recognized professional.

Isn’t that mind-blowing?


Let’s Start Your Journey


✔  You don’t get stuck while creating looks.

✔  You don’t have to hunt for clients because of your immense credibility.

✔  You’re confident in your craft and people can’t stop praising you…even top models.

That’s what your life will look like if you master your craft with experts.

But here’s the catch…

I have only 6 spots available right now and this opportunity won’t be back till September.

So, click the link quickly and book your hot spot today!

Struggling to make the final decision, friend…?

I get it…

Making your career choice is hard.

But do you know what’s even harder?

Staying stuck and killing your dreams.

Here’s the thing…

If you don’t grab your spot now, the opportunity to finally live your dream life won’t knock till September 2020.

And who knows the prices might go up for this course.

So, register your spot today.

Don’t delay your dreams…

Click the link now.