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Guild Accredited Training


About Guild Training international (GTi)

Here at the academy, we don’t do anything by halves, we are constantly striving to give our students the best in hair and makeup training and product knowledge, by no means is this course any different. We want to go above and beyond for all of our students, and we aim to equip you with all of the skills you need to leave the Academy at the end of your course and pursue a successful makeup career.

Guild courses are our fast-track qualification with 2 options: (1) One2One basis or (2) maximum 6 student within one course.

If you choose the one2one option, this is perfect as a fast-track qualification but also tailored to your ideal client i.e., if you want to cater to Bridal clients only once you gain certification, then your course will be tailored to focus on Bridal hair and makeup learning only. One2Ones include you, the trainer, and a model for the whole duration of your chosen course. where each look is broken down into achievable sections.

Learning in a group – up to 6 students; Again, a fast-track qualification covering a variety of looks from party to bridal to fashion.

Whichever option you chose, throughout the course, each look is broken down into achievable sections, so you can leave fully confident and able to deliver the looks onto your own clients within a short amount of time and gain certification – Certified by ‘Guild Training International’.

You do not need to bring anything with you as we provide the products, brushes, and model within the price. You have the option to take notes and step by step pictures for your own personal use.

Once you have successful gained certification, this will allow you the opportunity to pursue the wonderful world of pro discounts, allowing you up to 40% off on such world-renowned brands such as MAC and NARS.

Why complete a GTi Certified course?

A Guild accredited training is fully accredited by the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists and taught to National Occupation Standards by fully qualified trainers. After successful completion of this course, it will then allow you to gain professional insurance covering you legally in your future career. Once you have both a qualification and insurance this then allows you the opportunity to pursue the wonderful world of pro discounts, allowing you up to 40% off on such world-renowned brands such as MAC and NARS.

How much is it?

All the course prices vary but we do offer payment plans for each course.

What will I be learning?

For each course, you will be covering everything you need to pass the qualification plus much more; each course is as follows;

  1. Client consultation
  2. Hygiene and Sampling procedures
  3. Skin Analysis
  4. Skincare Investigation
  5. Colour Theory
  6. Professional Brushes
  7. Foundation, Concealers and Powders
  8. Make Up Product knowledge
  9. Practical Demos:
    • Preparing and priming the Skin: Application of Foundation
  10. Concealers
  11. Skin Structure & Features: Corrective & Contouring Techniques
  12. Different Face Shapes, Skin Types, Tone & Colour
  13. Day, Evening & Special Occasion Make Up
  14. Highlighting and contouring, face shapes and eye shapes:
    • Practical: Highlight & Contouring (with Powders) plus Blush
    • Practical: Highlight & Contouring (with cream) plus Blush
  15. Lips
  16. Brows – Natural to Insta Brows
  17. Eye Shadows, Eye Liner, Mascara and Lashes
  18. Practical Demos:
    • How to Create Different Looks; (Day Look, Evening Look and Occasion Make Up)
    • Eye Techniques: Smokey Eyes, Bridal & Creative Eye Shading Styles including Arabic
    • Individual / Strip Lash Application
  19. Bridal Make Up for Different Cultures
  20. Marketing your brand
  21. Setting Up Your Own Bridal Business
  22. Marketing & Customer Service Tips
  23. What’s in your kit
  24. Hairstyling *only included in the 5-day hair and makeup course
    • Hair Prepping, textures, partitioning
    • Backcombing; Padding; Using Hair Pieces; Curling Tongs
    • Learn up to 6 Different Hairstyling Techniques
    • Practical: Half Up Half Down Hair Styles • Practical: Vintage Hair
    • Practical: Beehives Hair Styles
    • Practical: Plaited Hair Style
    • Practical: Bun Hair Styles
    • Practical: Various other Hair Styles

This trend led course brings bridal techniques in line with current trends and fashions. During the course you will cover 14 key wedding looks including Russian hair styles, styles with and without extensions, Hollywood waves, up dos, down dos and many many more. Additionally, master styles for all occasions and all ages.

  1. Our MUA One Day Advanced Course is our most popular course that we have to offer, but you can also extend over to 2 /3 /4 or even 5 days.
  2. These fast-track day courses allows you to refresh your skill by learning from some of the best artists around! During your MUA Advanced course you will cover 2 looks of your choice per day. We allow you as the artists to control the looks you would like to cover. We simply assist you in recreating your requested look on a professional model. This one-to-one course is amazing for anyone wanting to expand their range and learn signature Heavy Glam looks. We know that with the makeup world forever advancing, us makeup artists always must be one step ahead. You do not need to bring anything with you as we provide the products, brushes and a professional model within the price. You have the option to take notes, photos of step by steps and on completion you will receive an in-house certificate with a full product break down.
  3. On the MUA One Day Advanced option, you will cover:
    • Brow Grooming: How to shape the ultimate brow and create the perfect blank canvas on the lids for the perfect shadow showstopper.
    • All about the Eyes: We will teach you the most up to date and advanced looks within the industry from a flawless cut crease, the sharpest liner and the ultimate blend.
    • Perfecting the Foundations: this involves how to produce complete coverage using concealer, blending different texture products on to the skin, perfecting the base and how to create different finishes to the foundation.
    • Highlighting and Contouring: covering the classic intense highlight and contour, and softer alternative versions of our technique will also be created.
  4. Extending to 2 / 3 / 4 or 5 days, we will take the above and really throw you out of your comfort zone into becoming and amazing artist creating looks you never thought you had in you.
  1. This trend led course brings bridal techniques in line with current trends and fashions. During the course you will cover 2 key looks per day of your choice. Additionally, master styles for all occasions and all ages.
  2. One thing our senior artists would like to make you aware of is that we must follow strict guidelines in accordance with the GTi examination criteria. We have added tailored looks within this course; however, majority of the course will be focusing around being an all rounded MUA. Instagram makeup that we pride ourselves on, after all majority MUAs have built their whole career based on social media appeal, is only one area of the makeup field. It is so important to us as mentors that you leave our academy being able to achieve Instagram makeup, fashion and editorial makeup and feel confident in all areas of the trade. We want our students to be able to succeed, strive and excel in all aspects of makeup artistry and feel confident no matter what client sits within your chair.

When does it start?

For enrolment, please contact the academy directly to discuss availability and time frames. To confirm start dates please call the academy on 07773395854. Each session will run 10am-5pm with a one-hour dinner break in- between.

What happens next?

After you have applied for your relevant GTi course, you will be sent an email of confirmation that we have received your application. Once your application has been reviewed you will be invited to attend an interview here at the Academy – due top covid restrictions, this will be a telephone interview. If you are successful, you will then be able to choose a start date that suits you.

Do I need to bring my own brushes?

No. You will use the brushes provided by the academy. But we will advise which brushes to purchase for your kit as having the correct tools is crucial when starting out in makeup, after all, how are you supposed to practice and begin accepting clients without the essentials. You will be given a list of brush recommendation focusing on both high-end and affordable brushes after registration.

Do I need to bring my own model?

No. Models are provided for each day of your course.

How do I apply?

To apply for this course, fill in our application form below;

Apply for Guild Training International Course

Please fill in all the appropriate fields where possible. Should you wish to make use of the loan scheme, please contact us directly on 07773395854, where we will be happy to discuss the different payment options available.